Project Description

scope of work

Value Added Service

In the area of Fire Insurance ORC Risk Consulting Group commit to serve and provide the most comprehensive insurance solutions catered to clients’ needs with risk management consultation services as follows:

Infrared Thermography Inspection

To reduce risk of electrical fire through inspection on any hot spots arising from short circuit or loose connections.

Insurance Valuation Report

To avoid Average Penalty Clause by arranging valuation and reports done by Property Valuers.

Plant & Machinery Valuation

To evaluate plant & machinery to reflect the current replacement costs by checking the adequacy of insured values to restart a business operation.

Lightning Protection and System Inspection

To avoid business interruption from lightning damages by checking up on the building’s earth grid and the adequacy of installed protection systems.

Geotechnical Inspection Report

To review building structure integrity on unstable ground with full inspection of the surroundings.

Fire Evacuation Drill

To educate occupants on the systematic procedure of fire evacuation by conducting actual fire evacuation drills.

Property Loss Control Program

To review fire safety areas and allow property owners to prioritize on correction actions.

Fire Safety Training

To support fire prevention and firefighting techniques by providing theory and practical trainings.

5S Housekeeping Concept

To facilitate the 5S Housekeeping philosophy by furnishing steps of good housekeeping to ensure overall quality, efficiency and productivity.

Emergency Planning & Evacuation Procedure

To guide and provide documented information to establish a manual for the safe movement of building occupants during emergency.

Fire Safety Manual

To educate on the fire safety matters by furnishing a complete manual for management to develop a loss prevention program.

Machinery Maintenance Program

To protect assets and reassure the availability and life of production equipment by implementing preventive maintenance programs.